Gemini is built upon a simple idea: guaranteeing ethical and sustainable communication. Ethical because we believe it is in the best interest of all parties to commit to disclosing accurate information and facts, especially in a world full of “fake news” and social media, where a simple spark can light an unstoppable fire. Sustainable because we believe that ecology is not only behavioral but also a mindset.

This mindset consists of providing quality information to both your customers and your employees so you may build sustainable relationships, long-term quality branding, and reputation. Our services ensure this philosophy and we apply it to ourselves every day.

Together we can achieve something greater than us.

Our Services

We can help to scale up your business

Relationships with investors

Gemini supports start-ups in their relationships with investors. We accompany them in the early stages in order to prepare their communication and develop an argumentation to promote them and their product/services. We also provide assistance during the complete process and during the discussions with potential investors.

Crisis media management

In times of media crisis, especially in a world where a single spark can light a fire on social media, acting cool-headed and adopting an open disclosure approach will prevent any further damage to your image. We assist you in these trying times by ensuring clear and precise communications to minimize any impact on your reputation and can even use the matter to secure your position in the market and reinforce your brand as a market leader.

Communications and branding strategies

To bring the true value of your products and services to the market, we assist you in clear brand positioning via effective communications. In working with our experts, your customers will immediately differentiate you from the competition and identify your brand positively. This alignment between your products and your marketing strategy will make you unique in the local market.

We provide also

Media relations
Press review and analysis
Social media outreach
Internal communications
Executive communications coaching
Corporate social responsibility

Why Gemini?

Because we are unique!

Gemini has two faces - one looking inside one outside. Similarly, companies nowadays need to ensure their branding and reputation among both their employees (internal communications) and their customers (external communications). These two sides are vital to ensuring the sustainability and fidelity of your employees (lowering staff turnover) and your customers (lowering the churn rate). Our services cover all aspects of your communications, branding, and marketing needs.

Our strength exists in our multi-cultural team, with experience in both Vietnam and abroad in journalism and communication (economics, IT, entertainment, and media), executive management at international companies, and teaching at major universities, among others. This alliance of different profiles and skills allows us to understand your context and advise you in the best way possible.

Our references

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Account Manager

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